i'm calling it off...

with my trainer. well, should i say nick's trainer. i've thought long and hard and i just can't keep doing this. and at first, i felt like i was quitting. that i was giving up. but i'm not. because i still plan on exercising. i'm going to do eliptical and focus on some target areas. this also gives me the opportunity to check out their pilates classes. i did the winsor pilates tapes a while back and they rocked. i think it would be neat to do it one on one and actually use the machines. although it does look kinda scary. so i'm not giving up i'm just changing my focus!
but i'm comfortable going to omni alone now. i can do shopping alone but when it's some place sorta social that i've never been before...it scares the buggers out of me.
i have to admit that i am nervous to talk to our trainer about it. you see, we {fine, nick} tried to call the main guy and talk with him about our displeasure. and yes, i can say our because nick suggested that i branch off a while back... and the guy has never called us back. we left the message on friday. so i'm a little freaked out. i mean why should i care. i've asked the trainer multiple times why my weights are so high and he told me i had to build it before toning it??!! or he'd tell me to up my cardio to 45 minutes. i'm sorry but i am not going to spend 2 hours an evening in the gym.
i also talked to a friend who used the same program that i did but had a different trainer. she lifted like no more than 8 pounds and she-ra over here is doing way more than that. she also explained her routine. she was there an hour at a time. now i understand that our main goal was to bulk up nick. but don't tell us that we can go with the same trainer and have different focus areas and then don't allow it. sigh.
nick is doing awesome. so far 12 pounds gained. he'll kill me for writing this but it'll make ya laugh. so he goes to work one day in his oh so sexy boxer briefs, which he actually fills out now! and goes to sit in his chair and RRRRRIIIIIIPPPP. boy totally ripped the elastic band and the cloth. had to go to the bathroom and commando it all day long. in semi-transparent scrubs! he said he had to be the first person in history to be excited that they ripped their underwear!


hera said...

Good on you for doing what you want to! Shannon. Fair enough too. Good Luck with your changes and looking forward to hearing your progress.. LOL about the boxers - are these side effects included in the personal trainer costs?

TracyDacy said...

Shan, your nick and my dave are in the same boat. dave is 6 ft. and struggles to weigh between 160 and 165 - he would LOVE to gain 12 pounds. that's just too funny about nick's boxer briefs (i won't tell him you told us).

Anonymous said...

The boxer comment totally cracked me up! Yay for Nick. I hope they straighten your program out for you soon.


Stacey said...

Good luck! I'm lucky to have found a good personal trainer....hope you get what you want...you can do it!