i'm a wizard.

yup, that is me. and my wand. on new year's eve! fine, i lied. it's a firework. but doesn't it look like i have a wand?? so now i have pictures of nick and i playing with fireworks looking like wizards. so amazed at my little camera. she rocks. nick and i have always talked about getting a smaller sized one, but this one takes amazing pictures. love it. i was quite nervous holding this little firework but am so glad i did it now that i have these super fun pictures and still have all ten fingers! :P

and this is the one we snapped of nicholas. awesome.

and this is jason. doesn't his look like a patronus. gosh, i'm a dweeb. sorry if you have never read harry potter. you so totally should. best series ever!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Shannon and I agree about #3!


Meredith said...

LOL! It definitely looks like a patronus...maybe a leaping rabbit with his ears back? Or some sort of horned animal... I'm going to have to stare at it some more. LOL!

Great pictures (and congrats on keeping all your fingers!)

TracyDacy said...

Cool pics Hermione, oops, I mean Shan!

Heather said...

I got some major bizarre pictures on NYE of the fireworks- love how yours turned out! (BTW, not HP fan here, but my dweeby husband is, so I can relate) ;P