fondue. yum.

sorry heather! ;)
today was a good day. work went well, then myself and a few of the girls from work went to a rep dinner. for those of you who may not know... a representative for a certain drug will take us out to dinner at a restaurant - all expenses paid - while we listen to a speaker. and today was cafe fondu! this also means i didn't meet with the trainer! {gasp! more on that later!}
it was nice to go and sit and relax with the coworkers. love them. would call these girlies my friends and totally would keep in touch with them if i ever left this job. so we are listening to this doctor speak on breast cancer. usually these dinners make my eyes glass over and i just stare off into space. but i've been trying to be better. i need to make work related goals/resolutions. i definitely want to better myself and continue to learn as much as possible in the ever changing land of oncology! the speaker was really enthusiastic and knew his stuff. a mover and shaker in the words of an old professor! learned a lot!
dinner was nummers. not as good as gejas. but good nonetheless. love that they serve graham crackers with dessert so you can make smores with your flaming marshmellow!
so the gym. i quit. and i am proud of it. honestly, i have a hard time sticking to something. most people would be in habit mode by now. not me. i'm sick of it. talked to my mom about and she said she was amazed i lasted this long! hmmm. not sure if that was a good thing or a bad one!
i do know that when i find something i like i tend to stick with it. examples: nick, scrapbooking, nursing. all things i love and don't see myself getting sick of!!
gonna start pilates reformer classes. super excited. just have to get it set up. i also am loving my extra free time. 2 hours in a gym is a lot. an hour i can do. got a ton of stuff done around the house yesterday, talked to some peeps on the phone too which kept getting pushed aside. felt good. and it's not like i really quit since i'm still going to the gym. just mixing it up a bit! ;)


Heather said...

Congratulations on quitting! ROFL
Fondue....ooooh... Feb 12th.... the countdown is on....

Stacey said...

mmmm....you're making me hungry (doesn't take much these days =) ). Gotta love those drug reps.

Meredith said...

Aw man! We had a CE dinner last night too, but since I had to work, everyone went without me! *sob* SO not fair!

I hope the Pilates class goes well!

hera said...

mmm like the sound of that flaming marshmallow - not to mention FREE..would taste even better LOL!! I've heard so many good things about Pilates..good luck!