seriously. there is crap everywhere. i hope no one minds me using this word. it is one of nick's uncle's least favorite words ever. he prefers the f-bomb...weird, i know! so if the c-word bothers you...you might not want to read this.
first order of crap: the local football teams. i mean come on. a team that goes almost the whole season undefeated has absolutely no offense and then the second ranked defense in the nfl forgets to show up to the game. ugh. yesterday was crappy football day all around. you would think that one of them would have won their game yesterday. now i'm gonna root for the steelers! just because i think hines ward is a cutie! ;) and i truly do like them the best out of all those left!
second order of crap: work. 99.9 percent of the time i love it. really i do. and today wasn't that much of an exception. it's just that certain people need to fess up and admit their wrongs. this can hold true for life in general. it really irks me when someone can't admit that they did something wrong. i know it isn't easy....but it's always been a giant pet peeve of mine and today it just reared its head! okay. it might not be that bad but it fits the crap theme!
third order of crap: our study. someone remind me why we decided to redo this room. oh yeah, because it has the most crap in it. which makes moving and reorganizing that much more fun...almost. and now nick wants me to go without the computer for at least two days. i think not. we will prime and paint our way around my little area but it's not all coming down. we have way too much crap for that. i vote for shoving both desks into the center of the room and working our way around like a mini track. we can pretend we are speed skating with paint for the olympics. you know they are almost here. the olympics. opening ceremony on my birthday. sounds like aperfect evening in!
fourth order of crap: joann's shipping. what the heck is that all about? it takes ages to get anything. i ordered cropper hopper vertical storage to reorganize the cardstock about 2 weeks ago and still nothing. i really hope it arrives soon. this vertical storage so ain't happening in the new space.
alright. enough gibberish. off to reorganize and purge some more of this crap! :o)


Heather said...

I'm all about crap. I'm glad you take the time to write about yours, as I'm too lazy to write about mine! :P

TracyDacy said...

Crap. It is what it is and usually hard to find any other word to describe it.