this was a page done about my resolutions last year. total scraplift from the designing with calendar! was trying to go thru and see what i did accomplish and what i didn't.

  • get organized: working on it. so i'll give that a yes!
  • spend more quality time with nick: i'm thinking this is a yes too. we've gone downtown for just us dates, watch more movies together after work, gone out to dinner just to talk. i think we have finally settled into a routine and that totally helps.
  • visit with friends and family more: yes but still room for improvement there!
  • start exercising: got this in under the wire!
  • make and use a budget: next topic please... :P
  • eat healthier: not so much. definitely need to work on this.
  • be true to myself. i think so. i spoke my mind and didn't waiver because someone else said i should.
  • keep my resolutions: more yays than nays. always a good thing.

i think 2005 was the first year in maybe forever that i've kept some of my resolutions. maybe i should do another for 2006 and see how that goes...


Heather said...

this was my first year to keep some of mine too! lol....progress! Good luck with 2006's!

TracyDacy said...

hey shan, good luck with those resolutions. i stopped making them a while back because i never kept them, but i might make a few this year. we'll see. hny! (that's happy new year!)

Jill said...

Good luck! I've never been successful. Maybe you'll be better. And I love the LO even if it is a year old. I love that DW calendar!

hera said...

love your 2005 LO Shannon. and your resolutions...except one that i don't understand..what's a "budget"??? LOL how's the 2006 one coming along? Happy new Year to you both.