christmas trivia.

so a random brainiac {ahem colleen} was rattling off all of the christmas trivia and it totally sparked my interest. imagine my excitement when i stumbled across this while christmas shopping!
a trivial pursuit type christmas game. i love it! nick and i bought it and have been reading each other questions every night before we go to bed. romantic, i know! ;o) if only i could retain the information. like who knew the little drummer boy had a name? it was aaron or adam. i told you i have no retention or attention span! and the lemon drop kid. a christmas movie? never heard of it. going to put it onto my netflix queue.
so thanks colleen for tipping me off that there is stuff out there like that! for inspiring my hunt for christmas knowledge!

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Hera said...

sounds like a fab way to spend Xmas Shannon.Have a great holiday and don't put your back out with that BIG bag!!