our 5th week...

with the trainer. it should be six but we missed that week due to our crazy carnival vacation! i can't believe i'm still motivated. maybe it's the fact that i'm paying some guy $50/week whether i go or don't go. who ever said money wasn't a motivator?! i'm glad we are doing the whole excercise thing. i totally feel better about myself. mainly healthier, eventhough i haven't lost any weight. in fact, that pesky pound has been around for quite sometime!

took tomorrow off. need a day to recouperate from the holidays. totally kicked me in the bootay! also have to get some stuff done about the reimbursement for our luggage mishap.

so in the mood to organize and rearrange. i guess that is a good thing since our furniture should arrive within the next 4-6 weeks. they are sorta tiptoe-ing around the date due to the holidays. no worries. gives me more time. and in the spirit of organizing and updating, i'm going to try to upload more layouts to my free blogger gallery. :) two peas is great, but i also feel like i need to have comments posted. here kinda feels like my own little area. i know it's on the internet but i'm weird okay! and if i get brave enough can share this site and the gallery with more family and friends...easy access!

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Heather said...

hmm... I'll have to check into that gallery thing... one step at a time!
Good for you with the trainer- you look great!