the study.

why does buying expensive furniture seem like such a grown up decision to me? i mean, hello. nick and i have bought a house, new cars, appliances, and other furniture. but when the cost of the furniture could almost buy you a car it seems so outrageous?!
maybe because it's sooo darn expensive. that we know it's something that we will have for the rest of our lives. that we can't just upgrade to something else because this is it. a custom built piece of furniture with real wood. not mdf or some other crazy material.
so nick and i finally decided that we should go for it. this means we should have our custom built study within 6-8 weeks. it's awesome. black and maple wood combo. super cool. now we just have to get everything out of the study and paint before that happens. we're thinking charcoal walls. fun.
nick's mom works at a really nice furniture store in the area...walter e smithe and they have a custom shoppe so that is what we did. probably totally boosted the heck out of her sales this month. oh well, maybe we'll get a nice christmas gift since she is comission only! ;) she did send us a really nice card thanking us....must get some big money now!
this is the room's basic design. we have awesome hutches with recessed lighting and shelving and file folders. gonna be sooo awesome. i hope to become totally organized. even if it means i'm living in debt! ;o) and i'm just totally overreacting. i mean it is expensive. but we did get a good deal and it's zero payments and zero financing for 30 months. can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished study, sounds awesome!


Meredith said...

That sounds absolutely gorgeous! Furniture is a big decision for me too. It's amazing how much money you can drop on it! Of course, most of ours is still the cheap stuff we had in our apartments in college. LOL! I swear, one day we'll grow up and get grown-up furniture!

Anonymous said...

Shan, I think your office is going to look awesome! can't wait to see pics of it!!!
How's the packing coming?