so much to do...so little time! i have piles, upon piles of stuff to get completed before we leave. T minus 8 days...
so much on my mind. so many ideas, thoughts. can't wait to get them out. i hope i find time to do that before they run away!!! i hate when that happens.
surprisingly, exercising is going well. that pound i lost. well, it's back and has brought a friend. what the heck is that about? i'm eating less and exercising more. you think that would equal pounds lost. oy. but i do notice a difference. maybe it's that darn muscle. you know it weighs more than fat. well, that is what i keep telling myself!
work was open again today. no more gas leaks. click here to read about it... too bad it was pure chaos most of the morning trying to reschedule everyone! made the day go by quicker. after having yesterday afternoon off. i realized if we ever have children. i cannot be a stay at home mom. i was going nuts. weird considering i love my downtime. just felt wrong. like i knew i should have been at work. that or it was the fumes. they made me crazy. one of my coworkers, my boss actually, had some bouts of emesis on the way home due to the odor in her car. scary.
before i have to run off to my grab bag gift exchange for work. i wanted to thank all those lurkers out there. thank you so much for taking the time to pm or email me. truly means a lot. i have changed some of the restrictions..so maybe some of you non bloggers can post now!


Anonymous said...

Shan, I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I am so glad you finally updated it. I was going through Shan withdrawl. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Love reading your blog. Glad I can post again. Thanks!

Carrie :)