fall wonderland???

do you think mother nature realizes it is still FALL????
what the eff is up with this crazy weather? i honestly don't remember ever having so much snow before christmas. yes, we have some snowfall. but nothing like this. 6 inches at least. and the subzero temperatures. again, it's fall. i know it's close to winter but can't we just wait it out a wee bit longer?!
honestly, this snow storm was incredible. such large, sparkly flakes. and man did they fall fast. at times we easily got two inches an hour.
traffic was horrendous. nick and i stopped at the gym. we figured why not...rush hour might clear out by the time we were done and we had to go for time constraint issues! showing up made our trainer super proud! ;) the roads were nasty. not plowed and icy. thank goodness for all wheel drive. i'm still having a hard time getting used to it tho. feeling the car move all funkily and stuff. weird. but reassuring at the same time. i feel much safer than i did in the saturn.
there was a crash at midway due to the weather. they closed the airport soon after for visibility and runway problems. i hope that there are no more fatalities. so sad.
in happier news, we leave in less than two days. TWO DAYS! neither one of us has packed. i haven't gotten our traveler's checks. i haven't made my mom's to do list. {love that she house sits for us!} i haven't picked up the odds and ends we need from target. {love that it's so close now!} still patting myself on the back for having the forsight to take friday off! now, if only i don't procrastinate...well, i guess i don't really have much time for that!!! :)

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Hera said...

Hi Shannon - saw this and thought immediately of you..when preparing to travel, lay out all your planned clothes and money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. - Susan Heller! Have a fab time..look forward to all your pics. ps great that the snow and ice steered you toward the gym, glad that doesnt happen to me..i'd have to be continually at the gym:-(