holiday fun.

love, love, love this picture that nick's cousin crystale took of us. it's amazing! might have to be the holiday card next year. and i couldn't believe that i got more compliments on our photo card this year that my hand made ones. so i vow to never make another christmas card. well, except for a certain few who i know will appreciate it.

this is my favorite spontaneous picture of nick and myself. his little cousin, megan, got a digital camera for christmas and was enjoying playing with it. she did a pretty darn good job too.

my one hand is strategically placed over my cleavage. i didn't think of it when she took the first picture and it was pretty racy! totally love the fact that his family members all take digital photos and that i went home with a cd copy last night and received some more via email this morning! loves it.

the past few days were so darn hectic. scratch that. the last few weeks. today was the first day of down time. nick and i didn't leave the house. well, he did. just to take the garbage out tho!

christmas eve was great. my mom hosted as usual. and the regulars attended. tina even came at the last minute. it was very weird to not have bob around. i can't believe it has been 7 months. i'm so amazed at her strength. spent the night laughing and enjoying everyone's company. santa was good to us!

christmas day was crazy! started at nick's dad's in the morning to exchange gifts. came home and had to get ready for his aunt's. we totally ditched my aunt. bummer. but what can you do? immediate family wins and we hadn't been with his mom yet. watched the bears win! woohoo! and was it hilarious with nick's uncle, a giant bear fan! after celebrating with the entire family we headed to his mom's. so we could exchange gifts with just her. we already gave her a kitty, so we kinda just watched and received!

all in all, good times. got some super fun pictures and can't wait to start scrapping again...and maybe even use some of my new christmas paper! ;) and in case you were wondering, nick and i didn't exchange gifts again. we both got early gifts. him = xbox 360. her = i pod nano. he would love to add to that list but we will just leave it at that!


Carrie said...

Great pictures of you and Nick! Both of them are great. Glad you had a great Christmas.

Meredith said...

OMG! I LOVE the pictures (especially the first one!). You guys are adorable! And, WTG on covering the cleavage...I usually forget that. Oops.

Stacey said...

Love the pictures!

Heather said...

great pictures! know all about the cleavage block lol! I TOTALLY appreciate the handmade cards Shannon! ;P

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Shan!! The first one is my fave.


TracyDacy said...

Awesome pictures Shan - I love them both. Sounds like you had a very merry Christmas - I'm glad, and I hope your New Year holiday is nice too.
td (tracydacy)

Jill said...

LOVE the one of you guys standing up!