wordless wednesday. leaves!

south bend, indiana. 10.23.11


ten on tuesday 10.25.11

- a coworker/girlfriend invited a new word for my shabster dictionary. hilestical. a combo of hysterical and hilarious. was so funny when it happened!
- i believe in manners. whistling is not a proper way to get a human being's attention. so when i hear whistling at work, i don't usually investigate. i guess last week i should have, because that is how one of my patients was trying to get me to come back to her recliner. i did inform her that there were many other more effective ways in calling me over to her. that any of the following would have sufficed: nurse, excuse miss, miss, mam, pardon me.
- i had my first starbucks spiced pumpkin latte ever. eh. i'm just not a fan of pumpkin.
- last night ben found something in his nightstand that resembled nick's contact case. {it might actually be a case for the case with a mirror.} he proceeded to open the case, pretend to take something out of it, and then poked his eye. he looked at me and said he was using 'eye tacts' like daddy.
- today when i woke ben up, he told me it wasn't time yet. that there was no sun. yes, beans winter stinks.
- i love thunder. really gonna miss it the next few months.
- was looking for something different for dinner. really there's only so many variations on mexican and italian. found this recipe. we don't have many 'southern' recipes. totally a keeper. was a bit spicy. ben ate it but drank a bunch of milk. so if you don't like spicy be warned.
- finally got nick to watch bridesmaids. so happy he enjoyed it. and melissa mccarthy makes that movie.
- tomorrow is not gonna be fun at work. i'm hoping i can be my pessimistic self and believe that it's going to be worse than it actually will be just so i can be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't completely kick my ass!
- thinks it's funny how things work out. like when you're not sure you want to do something and yet you do and then it kinda snow balls and in the end it turns out that that's what you were supposed to do in the first place because you're able to end up at the right place at the right time. feel like i had a bit of kismet happening this weekend...


wip 10.1.11

i cannot for the life of me remember what i did during the day. seriously, i need to get back on track with these! or put better notes in my phone!
in the evening, we walked to jay and christy's for wynn's birthday festivities. or wynnie as ben calls her. ;)
my pictures aren't the greatest. ben was obsessed with this gun that aunt gerri got her. too bad she bought in on some crazy road trip to somewhere in illinois. and by crazy i mean like, champaign!

and of course there are some pictures of jason and nick playing. i swear, sometimes they enjoy these get togethers a little too much! ;)

decided to head to the apple orchard. love that it's one of our traditions. i believe nick and i have gone 7/8 years that we've been married. and we are 3/3 with ben!

it was a brisk day. but we toughed it out. so glad we did!

i tried to snuggle up with beaner on the tractor ride.

somebody was excited to be let loose!

with jer bear and gibi.

nick and ben.

yay the pressners!

mr. noah enjoying his apple.

the cousins.

baseball tradition. we are such rule breakers!

hanging out under some trees. 

walking with gibi.

noah and gibi. such a cute picture.

i love him.

i think someone was in awe of all the pumpkins.

not a fan of the sunflower!

and he wanted to ride the train all by himself. sigh. such a big boy now. 

once we got home, nick and his dad started working on the shed. so lucky to have someone who wants to help nick with projects. :)

we had to be up and at em bright and early.
we ran the bucktown 5k. {maybe i should use the term loosely. i wogged. aka walk jogged.}

the girls. {pre}

the boys. {pre}

us {post}

and every one. {post}

was totally fun. and exhausting. enjoyed a late breakfast at i can't remember where... ah, thank you facebook. at the southern. was interesting. had a buffet. think they were prepared for all of us crazy runners.

then we came home and nick decided to work on the shed again. yup, his dad came to help.

bean and i did some yard work.
he enjoyed using the branches i trimmed, to hit other branches. we had leaves everywhere. but that's okay. he had a blast.

his new favorite past time has been jumping. from the bottom stair. from his step stool. from the curb. so he was thrilled when he figured out he could jump from the beginnings of the shed. 

helping clean.

and the boys deep in thought.

totally long weekend. totally exhausting. i think we were in bed before 9 which is completely unheard of for us!


woohoo wednesday: potty time!

so might be a complete fluke. not sure i'm counting on him to do it again... but somebody went poop on the potty tonight! ;)

took some convincing and some tears and some bribing of candy corn pumpkins during bath time but he did it!{and nick was so patient and good with him. he should get all of the credit.}

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ten on tuesday 10.18.11

- i had to buy new running shoes. {it's only been 2 /2 years.} not that i've ran that entire time. but i'm told shoes are like a bag of marshmallows, they get harder with time! hoping they make my runs easier.
- nick and i were so exhausted after our uber crazy friday and saturday that we were both in bed by 830 saturday evening. party animals, right?
- just found out about these litter boxes. we are now the proud owner of two. hope the cats can figure it out. i'm gonna love not having litter every where!
- everyone thinks my 'work' pumpkin is a zebra. do zebras have circles? no, it's a tree! i guess that's what i get for doing it in black and white!
- am not ready for winter. i hate this darkness. i need sunlight!
- totally rooting for viktor on project runway. {i so don't want josh to win.}
- i enjoy long car rides with my hubs. so great to just sit and chat with no interruptions. {not counting gps!}
- today nick picked ben up from school, of course they stopped and saw ben's favorite tractors, but then ben started telling nick where to drive. and he took him on this route that we never go. nick asked him why they were going that way and he said, 'to look at the pretty trees.' i love that kid.
- ben has also been on a cereal kick. he had about four bowls for breakfast one morning. he then asked for cereal for lunch and ate an additional four bowls.
- am so ready for halloween. it's my favorite!


june and july 2011 shuttercal

i'm still going... a bit behind in sharing, but have the photos!

june and july.


wip 9.24.11

i worked. which turned out to make my day quite stressful. i thought i could squeeze in grocery shopping after work and before ben's pediatrician appointment. can you say rushed?! oh well, it's done. i survived. and we made it to the appointment.

the only picture i have is of me stopping at the town hall for our building permit. totally would have forgot that i had stopped there if it wasn't for this iphone photo. maybe i should take more pictures, so i can really remember what i do!

so work. grocery shopping. building permit. pediatrician appointment. phew. and nick was stuck at work until about 530 that night. needless to say, we did nothing that evening.

work on the shed begins!

the new front door. {yay fresh coats of paint. removing the grid from the screen. new rectangles on the bottom}

k. back to the shed. ben helping daddy measure.

ben and i left daddy to do the hard work and we headed to grandma and grandpa's.
ben planted some pumpkins with grandpa in like july {it's in a weekend post, i swear it is...} and now it's time to pick em!

ben enjoyed helping with the tomatoes and peppers. he didn't understand putting the tomatoes gently into the bucket. we had a few causalities.

saturday evening was robin and ryan's bachelorette/bachelor party. notice the bizarre colored shot in front of me? it's gross. if anyone ever offers you a seven layer shot, say no. just saying. ;)

i kicked some serious bootay at trivia. yay tickets. {which were all donated to the soon to be bride and groom!}

i love the intense concentration. we are a competitive bunch!


ryan actually stepped away from the shuffle board and played some dance dance revolution. who knew?!

oof. early morning after a later than anticipated evening. we were both pretty freaking tired. nick and the boys went frisbee golfing again.

ben and i played and played and then napped! :)

i'm pretty sure that card dominos was the highlight. yes, i make up games! keeps everyone entertained and that's all that matters. oh and nick sucks at card dominos. :P