wip 4.9.11

gonna play some serious catch up!
{helps that i'm writing this in advance... it's nice and quiet, both of the boys are sleeping!}

kind of a crummy day out. but after being cooped up inside all day, ben wanted to go out. so we bundled up and played with his car for a bit.
seriously, one of the best purchases ever. we even bring it inside and do laps around the house!

then we had family over to celebrate some birthdays. ;)
there was lots of fun with balloons.  i think noah got the most enjoyment out of them.

and the cousins played with window clings.

and finishing up the evening with some mario.

gorgeous day. so we decided to take a bike ride. {we were secretly checking out all the swingsets in the neighborhood!}
while nick was getting the bikes all ready, ben and i were just playing in the driveway.

wishing his legs were a bit longer so he could ride his new tricycle.

bouncing his new balls down the driveway.

checking out the bike carrier.

after naps, grandma came to watch ben so nick and i could run some errands.
smoothie king. ;) a whole family of them!

beans enjoying his. love those chubby lil fingers. and his hand all curled up because he didn't want to put down the flower he found.

playing on the old playset. yay for friends who loan toys!

checking out our new chairs!

and finding one of his most favorite things... an airplane.

breakfast with the coopers. ;) but before that apparently, ben felt the need to exercise with his uber cute headband!

miss wynn. doesn't she look like boo from monster's inc?

friends. walking to the park. so cute!

the kids had a blast at the park. we met up with some more friends and had a bunch of kids running and playing. so nice! and nick had fun playing softball.

i couldn't get ben to leave.  as soon as he hit the carseat, he was asleep.

then it was time to head over to trisha's for surprise birthday festivities.
ben loves noah and gabby's play house. he plays with it every time we are there.

cousins. not sure why but ben was obsessed with the window. maybe because we only have the sliding glass door for him to see out of...

then it was bubble time in the yard. nick and ben had a good time!

phew. i'm exhausted just writing about it!
hoping to catch up on the rest soon. ;)

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