ten on tuesday.

not sure if that's a real thing or not.
but since i've been away for so long, i thought it might be useful to catch up a bit. ;)

- i'm addicted to the hunger game series. seriously, you need to read them.
- cannot stop playing words with friends. if you have the ability to play {i think you can play through facebook too}, find me.
- love random emails, texts, and facebook messages. they make me smile.
- am loving my hybrid. 45 mpg on a regular basis. thank you very much little miss hybrid.
- went to starbucks on earth day for their free coffee/tea with my reusable cup, however i felt like a complete ass because i had just left the grocery store with like 17 plastic bags. {nick wasn't totally listening when i asked him to take them out of his car before he left for work!}
- i cannot wait for ben to have his swingset. we've narrowed it down to two... hope to decide and order it by this weekend!
- i need to go buy new fake flowers for in front of the house. yeah, i'm pathetic.
- am loving my new water bottle. even if it did take some getting used to!
- nick and i signed up for a summer bowling league with some friends. cannot wait!
- i've had my current job for 8 years this month. i don't feel old enough to have had a 'real' job for 8 years! and when i think about how long i've been a nurse, it makes me feel that much older! i'm happy as can be at this job and honestly can't see myself working anywhere else. even on the bad days.

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