wip 4.2.11

my mom was on spring break, so she watched ben and i went in to help out at work. was nice seeing some of the patients i hadn't seen in a while. so weird to think i haven't regularly worked on fridays for two years.
only worked a half a day and then came home and spent time we the wee man.
that evening nick and i headed to the boats with my parents. we try to go for my dad's birthday, we were running a bit behind this year!
had so much fun. need to do this quarterly or something!

cheers to the birthday dad!

nick's turn!

nick's drunk. my dad's laughing at him! :)


say cheese mom.

the always mandatory self portrait!

the final drink of the evening. a tasty french martini.

me, texting for the drunk hubs. see next photo...

the two drunkards.

my first time gambling in ages. i would rather buy something. but my $20 lasted quite some time!

my mom gets excited and points out all the flashiness on the screen. it's quite funny... notice her hand...

we're heading home. love the flip photo feature on the new iphones. wish the flash worked that way too though!

my side of the family came over for ben's birthday festivities. last one!

family photo.

ben singing happy birthday to himself. it's quite funny.

doing his thing with the bow!

new bubbles!

say cheese for daddy...

cousin matthew helping me play with my new goodies.

i want a turn with the bubbles.

grandma's turn to play with the bubbles!

lazy morning.  sorta.
started off just chilling. nick used the juicer again....

did someone say beet juice?

our new window clings. they make me happy. however, the frog has since died. so sad... {ha, the frog isn't even in the picture. maybe that was a bad omen...}

went outside to do some yard work. was insanely windy. so we came in early.

then bill and john brought the girls over to run around and play. was nice to sit and chat while the kids ran wild.

ben and gabby chilling on his couch.

was a great weekend!

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