12 on the 12th.... it's back!

- am so emotionally conflicted right now it sucks. so happy for one friend, yet so sad for another....
- am diggin adele's new cd. ;)
- am totally excited for date night with nick on saturday. <3
- watched due date last night. well, i fell asleeep... but i finished it this morning. made me laugh!
- not sure i'm feeling this month's photo hunt challenge.
- am thinking i might give up sad books for a while. this one is taking a toll on me. think it has to do with my profession and maybe a little bit of bad timing. and i think it might deserve a whole post at a later time.
- wishes that i wouldn't have such high expectations of people.
- had grilled hot dogs for the first time this year. i'm so ready for the season change. bring on spring!
- am enjoying this. in sweet tea.
-am super excited to see this season of food revolution.
- and on that note... am looking forward to the garden this year! already have two topsy turvey's and a strawberry pot!
- after years of longing for an adirondack chair, we're the proud owner of three. yay!

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