31 gifts.

have you guys seen this stuff? super cute.

nick's coworker's sister sells it. so nick brought a catalog home last year. i saw {and fell in love with} a super cute purse but decided to pass on it because i wasn't sure what the inside was like... i need pockets!... and it was christmas-time, so i was trying to behave.

a few weeks ago, i was at the mall with a friend and saw someone with this amazingly cute purse. i had to ask her where she got it because i knew i had seen it before. it was a 31 bag. that was it. i was hosting a party. needed to know what the inside looked like.

so, i did. the party was tonight. and the purse is even cuter in person. i almost didn't let melissa leave with it!

the party is not officially closed. sometime next week... so i have to wait even longer to get my hands on that darn purse!!

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