play sets.

i am overwhelmed at the variety and selection of play sets that are available!
i thought getting ben a play area would be a piece of cake. uh, i feel like we're making a life altering decision... what if he doesn't like this, does it have this, ohhhh maybe it should have one of these things. sigh! i know we can't make a wrong decision it's just i want to get the most bang for our buck. i mean, really, who doesn't?

ran across this website. holy expensiveness dudes! you know it's going to be bad when they won't put prices on their website. so i called and requested a catalog. they are absolutely beautiful. but some of them were tens of thousands of dollars. oh, to enjoy the lifestyles of the rich, right?!

we're pretty sure we are ordering from this website.  have it narrowed down. but were so tired of looking at them and comparing that we decided to give it a break for a few days.

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