wip 4.16.11

i'm on a roll!

since i'm playing catch up, i'm trying to cut down on pictures...
bean and i stayed home and lounged around. i think his favorite activity of the day was jumping on all of the couch cushions that i had piled on to the floor for him.
in the evening i headed to girl's night with nick's mom. dinner at leroys and listening to a bad. was finally nice to meet this johnny that i've heard oh so much about!

st. john easter egg hunt.

family photo. it was a not so nice day. rainy, windy, and cold.

happened to run into the coopers. ;)
the kids are ready!

but momma look at all those eggs... can i go now?

the hunt was nice for a few moments. then poof, it was over. i blame the crazy parents. really, does your kid need 29 eggs? how about we share? sigh, at least it gives me an opportunity to teach my child how not to act...

ben's loot.

enjoying some candy he snagged out of one of his eggs while holding his new basket. {thanks for sharing braiden!}

his face makes me smile. 

the empty egg. 

then we went home and warmed up.
and in the evening, nick and i headed to coopershawk for a couple's night. didn't take many pictures at dinner. but did snap this one at baker's square.
we happened to be across the street from where nick's family was going to meet after seeing someone in the family perform in their high school play.
was a late, fun night!
and i quickly changed this one to black and white because it was an awful yellow color but i loved the picture.

nothing too exciting. did go and pick up a toy for ben. found it on craigslist, so we had to drive to illinois. but it's totally worth it since it was for about 1/3 of the price of new!

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