for sooo much. my loving husband, my family, kick ass friends, a pretty amazing job with great coworkers, good health, our home. the list goes on and on and i won't bore you with those details just yet.
so far 27 doesn't feel different from 26. same ole, same ole. 30 might get me. i know nick is dreading his and he still has 2 years! 25 was hard for me. made me realize that i was now officially a grown up. i had gotten married, bought a house, had real bills, got an awesome job at 24. so when 25 rolled around it was like holy cannolis i did a lot that year!
i got some awesome gifts in the mail from some of my 'online' buddies. love that and will share pics as soon as i can scan them. they are unbelievable and i'm totally sure the online pictures will NOT do them justice! crazy that some of my online friendships seem to have more substance than some of those real life ones. i've talked to quite a few of you about this.. that these friendships mean so much to me. that never in a million years would i have thought that i would consider someone that i haven't even met in person a friend. thankfully, i have met some of you and the rest of ya, we gotta figure something out! i forsee trips to switzerland, texas, iowa, pennsylvania and michigan of course! didn't mean to leave anyone out! sorry if i did! it's must be my old age! ;)
but really, as corny as this sounds. it is true. i've had quite a few crappy friendships that have left me bitter and leary of women. there are a select few that i still keep in touch with and for them i too am thankful.
thank you to everyone who posted birthday wishes! and to those of you who answered my olympic questions! hera, i would totally be a skier if i had some alps. this flat cornland doesn't do much for skiing and i doubt cross country would be my thing! and tracy those olympic bodies. yum! i totally understand what you are talking about. loves me some t.o. he has an amazing body!!


Breana said...

Shan, I hope you have an amazing day! I hope I can handle 27 as well as you! 25 was hard for me too! 30 I agree will hit me hard! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Heather said...

27 has been the same for me so far too- same ol same ol. Have a wonderful birthday Shannon!! Enjoy the weekend!

hera said...

Hey cool - let me know what flight you're on Shannon and I'll be there to collect you...can't wait!

TracyDacy said...

hey shan, what's the t.o. stand for totally outstanding? :-)

Stacey said...

I think age is all the same after you hit a certain point {look at me trying to make myself feel better =)} You of course are always welcome in the great state of IA!