happy shan.

just felt like posting some things that make me smile.

gifts and cards from fabulous online buddies for my birthday. to the two of you who made the following. you are fabulous. and i'm so lucky to have one of a kind creations from some published scrapbookers! you girls rock! and not that i didn't love the cards. but i'm too lazyto scan all of them. so thank you ladies too!!! oh and the fabulous qk donation. how generous!!! loves it! {and sorry that the clipbard didn't photograph too nicely. it's awesome in person!}

and for this...ali edwards personally wrote a birthday message to me. thanks to a kick arse friend who didn't mind asking her for a crazy favor. i'm sure the flat boodle one might have been crazier...but fun nonetheless. and completely thoughtful!
nick thinks i'm a loon. but i think it's fun. now to figure out how to scrap it! or do i just frame it?! :o) that just might make me completely crazy tho!

now some simplier things. non birthday fortnight related...
~these heavenly peanut butter, caramel, chocolate creations. now i'm not a super huge chocolate fan but caramel or toffee. i will eat all day every day!
~black cherry vanilla coke! now i will admit. i was completely bummed when i found out coke was going to be discontinuing their vanilla flavor. but i am happy again... they have combined the best of both worlds. cherry and vanilla!!
~awesome gum! yummy flavor and you can blow bubbles too. how great is that?! oh and they strawberry kiwi one isn't that bad either!
~target! is now less than 3 minutes from my house. fun yet dangerous! and it even has a starbucks! bonus!!
~meredith's kick ass witty response to my paper, rock, scissors thread. and that some of my scrapping buddies have now added adhesive to the mix! but we need a hand gesture people! and i have played with rocket and a few other random items. yes, my friends are silly...
individual packets of koolaid. good times. no more making a giant pitcher!!! oh yeah!
alright. that is it. i'm tired and need to go watch some olympics with nicholas... ;)


Anonymous said...

adhesive could be slowly spreading your fingers apart as if they were glued together... start out as paper, but then if your opponent puts out scissors, you spread your fingers apart... cuz adhesive gums up those scissors! ;)


hera said...

didnt get around to posting here Shannon...was busy at an online crop all weekend LOL! it was loads of fun...some great challenges put up by the MODS of this way cool kit club..hehehe..!anyway..SOO cool that ALI wrote to you...hoping to snap a shot of her this weekend too..off to do her class in Amsterdam..

KJ said...

OMGosh! I had no idea you put your birthday presents on here! I'm so glad you liked it, girly! It was fun to make! I really need to read your blog more often! LOL!