i've been yelled at...

about not posting! :)
sorry. i hate when life interferes with my daily activities. i haven't forgot about my faithful blog readers just kinda ran out of time!
been absorbed in the olympics. does anyone else get emotional when they see a fellow country man on the medal stand and hear the national anthem. i honestly do not know how some of them aren't crying. i would be a blubbering idiot.
was caught up in the birthday fortnight. still can't convince nick that i get a fortnight. he says only a week. bummer. but i have been gorging myself on my favorite ethnic food. i could eat mexican every day. yum. thursday i made my nummers pork tacos. soo good. a family favorite. {fyi... i don't use onions or green pepers in mine and sometimes i add some jalepenos.} friday i had taco bell. not real mexican but one of my favorite fast food restaurants. saturday we went to chela's, a local mexican restaurant, with friends. didn't get to go downtown to frontera. they only take reservations same day. nick called at 10:31 {they opened at 10:30} and they were booked. apparently they open for reservations at 8:30. but a great time was had by all! good laughs, good food, good company. sunday we hit another local restaurant with my family. monday we tried a new mexican place, habeneros. tuesday was schoops. romantic, i know! a local burger joint that is oh so good. greasy but good. oh wait, does greasy equal good?? yesterday we went out with his dad's side of the family. casa del rio. mexican again!! almost had it for a week straight! so great. today, i'm just relaxing. had a totally crazy week at work. had a fun weekend of cropping ahead. can't wait. gotta finish up some odds and ends for that!
so there it is... my week in review. so excited that i took tomorrow off!!!
oh and td.. to is a wide receiver. caused a lot of troubles for the philadelphia eagles this past season! ;)


Heather said...

Sounds like some good eats! NEVER get too busy to update your blog EVER! :P Just kiddin' sounds like a fun week- I say stretch the birthday to a month if you can!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week! i get what you mean about the Olymics.