i'm in love...

with the food network.
more specifically, i am addicted to iron chef america. nope. can't handle the original. too many subtitles for me. but holy cow, the american version. seriously. one of my favorite t.v. shows.
the pressure. one hour to cook 5 dishes. the creativity. turkey ice cream?? the mad skill that all of these chefs possess. makes me jealous. makes me want to cook. but i guess that is the point. the show is supposed to make me want to get up and starting cooking... not that i plan on making turkey ice cream anytime soon! oh heck, who am i kidding. that i plan on cooking anytime soon. i'm the queen of the crockpot and that is as far as my culinary skills go.
another favorite rachael ray. that woman is so darn perky and you just have to love the fact that she can whip up a meal in thirty minutes! i do get the magazine but honestly haven't tried anything yet. i tend to make up my grocery lists while at work and never have the darn thing with me!
another good one... the secret life of food. my mom and brother caught the bagel one, hence the impromptu bagel drop off! which she lied about. she didn't drop off the bagels. forgot she changed her mind! silly lady! ;)


Meredith said...

Food Network is my FAVORITE ever. I actually like the original Iron Chef but the Iron Chef America is good too. Rachel Ray cracks me up with her 400 different shows on that channel, but I love $40 a Day. I like to watch her eat - she always has exactly the same "Mmm!" response, no matter what she puts in her mouth. I'm DYING to catch her just once put something in her mouth and then spit it back out. LOL!

Meredith said...

Ooh! You know what else I love? The cake challenge competitions and the sugar ones... You have GOT to watch those things. They keep you on the edge of your seat (as much as cooking can!)