wip 9.3.10

so i think cedar point is gonna get it's own post. like our vacation posts... since we were there thursday and not friday.  thinking those will all be posts next week. don't wanna go to far out or i'll forget some of the specifics!!

spent the day at kalahari. had a change of plans after nick and i somehow misplaced our licenses.
was a nice relaxing day for the girls. lazy river, reading, relaxing. the boys hit up all the slides and the surf pools. {video of that later!}
the pics were dark. pardon the crappy editing. ;-)

waiting so patiently in line!

nick doing a trick where you let the board go out in front of you then catch it again....

dave getting up on his knees.
the tricks these two did were crazy. again, i'll share video of nick someday. i will learn how to use imovie by next week!!

we drove home.
no pictures. just happy to be back!

beach day at gigi's.
such a beautiful day.
ben playing with chester.

then beach fun. i swear this kid eats sand by the gallon. so strange.

and still loves to roll around in it.

and ventured into the water, on his own, once. was a bit too chilly for him. and i can't say i blame him!

lazy day to catch up on all of our craziness. well, minus a shopping trip to target that cost us a small fortune! ;-)

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Liz Goldhawk said...

Cute Ben Beach pics! I love the rolling in the sand one. That water park looks cool... looking forward to the video.