wip 9.11.10

not sure how much longer i'm gonna keep these wip's up.
i think i'm thinking of stopping them because i'm hoping our weekends will settle down and i won't have anything to share.  but at the same time, i enjoy looking back and seeing what we were doing no matter how lame it was!
we'll see.

onto last weekend.

girls night with nick's mom and family. went to a yummy mexican dinner and saw the switch. the movie was cute. not sure you have to see it in theatres. save your $$ and see it when it comes out on tv or redbox!

i got my hair done. then carli, my hairdresser, cut ben's hair! love that she's sweet enough to squeeze him in.  no pics.
hit up miguel afterwards for lunch. was quite tasty. will definitely go there again.
then we all came home and took naps!
after mommy and daddy were well rested, we headed out to the zest fest. saw a led zepplin tribute band. they were pretty darn good. was a bit chilly so we left early!
obligatory self portrait. can't go two days without having a picture...

nick was supposed to play softball but there was a change in plans due to doctor's orders. {more on that in the cedar point post.}
we decided to do a little hike with some of the family.
the trail was so nice.
here's a pic as we saw the lake. {i think ben was excited!}

 ben wanted nothing to do with the water. i think he remembered how cold it was. the water here was really warm though! we finally convinced him to give it a go and he loved it!

yes, i had swimmers for him. but i wasn't sure he would even touch the water and when he decided he liked it there was no taking him out to change him!

the hikers minus the picture taker.

there are some uber cute ben butt pictures. can you say coppertone baby!? sooo cute. thinking they are gonna be christmas gifts, so i'm saving em. if you really wanna see em, leave a comment or email and i'll send them to ya! ;-)

beaner was tired. it is rare for him to fall asleep outside of the home. he loves the activity and doesn't want to miss anything.
i guess the hike back was pretty boring for him.

looking forward to hiking the trail again. and checking out a longer one.
thankfully, my ankle isn't bothering me too much. {see previous post}

then it was time for some football. sigh, i missed football.

k. now i must update you guys on all the happenings of our staycation and cedar point trips... soon!
and i did scrap some today! yay! still have a bit to do but at least it's a start!

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Carmen said...

That is a great pic of you and Nick. I love your hair!