staycation day 2: fort wayne zoo

we had a couple of zoo options. i'm really happy with our choice. and i am looking forward to going back to feed the giraffes again!

yes, i got to feed a giraffe. i honestly could have stayed there all day. and i wanted to pet them sooo badly!  think that could have been the neatest part. well, that and the kangaroos...

they just hopped right along next to you. weren't fenced in or anything. so great.

ben got to ride a pony. and did great for the first lap and most of the second one...

he saw lions, sleeping orangutans, otters, birds, ducks, zebras, monkeys, owls, and i'm sure a ton of other animals that i'm forgetting. we also took a lazy boat ride and fed some ducks

he experienced a kangaroo pouch...

some way cool jelly fish. {awesome pic courtesy of nick.}

family pic in the bird aviary. where we were dive bombed multiple times.

and then there was the crazy billy goat who ate nick's shirt. absolutely hilarious. i do not like billy goats. there was an incident when i was younger. he was mean, i was little. not nice. well, i don't think nick's a big fan any more either...

some random stranger had to help free nick. i couldn't stop laughing!
not to mention, she was much, much closer to the action.

ben's face cracks me up in this one.

and the nicer family picture taken by some kind stranger. {i love playing the hey, do you need your picture taken game... it goes like this. 'oh, did you need someone to take a picture of all of you? i can do that for you but do you think you could return the favor and take one of us?'}

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Carrie said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the billy goats either. Ate one of my new smocks my grandma had just made me - I know I'm dating myself :)