12 on the 17th.

and i was doing soooo good!
i didn't even think about the date until today. so here it is... a bit late!

- i completed most of my scrap projects and it felt good to scrap again. had been about two months.
- am seriously confused as to what day it is. staying home from work with a sick wee one totally messes with me!
- made my first pot of chili yesterday. yum. so glad i tried a new recipe.
- have been a cooking fool. even used tofu for the first time. will share recipes someday.
- have ben's halloween costume. just hoping beaner fits into it!
- nick went out and bought the new halo game. so i ordered this cute little necklace.
- am not too terribly excited about football this year. i have no idea what is wrong with me!!
- must upload and order pics soon. {hoping that posting it here will hold me accountable like i did with the scrapping...}
- not sure i'm ready for indoor volleyball to start. i already miss the sand...
- top chef desserts! is it me or do those chefs seem so much bitchier than the regular ones?
- thinks it is absolutely adorable that ben says ball base and ball foot instead of baseball and football. so cute.
- found a new favorite juice. have only tried the tropical so far and give it two thumbs up!

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Kache said...

The necklace is very cute!
Glad to hear you're scrapping again, are you gonna post any?

The billy goat pictures are cracking me up. I like the giant kangaroo and pony pics too.