wip 8.28.10

okay. still a little behind. i'll catch up one of these days. and i did go to bed by 830 last night! ;-)
this one is gonna be minimal pics. think i was on overload from being off that week and taking so many on our daily adventures!

the drive in!
mommy decided to let ben eat some yogurt in the back while we were waiting to get in. daddy was having a bit of a panic attack since ben was being messy in his new car!

and a shot of the car in front of the screen. finally a car picture. i think we named it on the cedar point trip... sexy flexy. hilarity! 

a quick bbq at my god parents' house. mr. picky only wanted cheetos. and yes, we were bad parents and let him indulge himself. was quite orange by the time we left.

made it back just in time for a bonfire with friends. ;-)
made meyer's specials. total deliciousness. and had some giant marshmallow smores with reese's. i'm drooling just thinking about it.

went to watch nick play softball.
was way hotter than i thought it would be. left early to cool off!

and dinner with the family. ben is rocking megan's headband!  ;-P


Michelle said...

I love the headband one.

Margaret said...

You're not a bad parent, we went through the Cheeto stage too. There are worse things out there.