in love.

with zappos.
seriously. i have a problem...

after my one shoe debacle, i've just decided to go with reliable. and free shipping. and free return shipping!
somehow i became a vip member. i think it was when i called about my slippers mentioned in the squidward boots. however it happened, i couldn't be happier.

i have since bought one more pair of boots. ;-)
i think it's my british obsession. and of course now that i have them, it is warm and not rainy. oh well, i'm prepared!

then we bought ben two pairs of shoes last week. well, one pair are already destroyed...okay not totally but the white is now black on the toes. which is fine by us. it means homey is having a good time at daycare and crawling like crazy and playing outside! and even better for me because i could indulge in shopping! i'll use any excuse.  true shopaholic, right?

so he had these and these{well, of course there are no linkies for this pair... whatever} i did take a picture, maybe i'll upload the pics from the camera some day.


yesterday at like 7 in the evening i ordered these. and they were here today! for free. free overnight shipping! pure awesomeness and that is why i'm totally in love with zappos and will be buying from them forever...

i already have some sandals picked out for beaner. just have to take him to be sized in like june-ish and then will order from my second favorite online shopping site. of course amazon has to win!

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margaret said...

I love zappos too! I have been ordering from them for the last 2 yrs or so. (And, I am not a VIP...How's that?! Hum, maybe a little less love now.) Anyway, it is also nice to see someone else who spends a lot of money on shoes for their little boy. I thought maybe I was the only one. I think I have a little problem with my love for Keen shoes. Owen has like 3 pairs right now :)