the party went by quickly. smoothly, but quickly.
so thankful for everyone who helped. you know who you are! ;o)
and much, much love to the wonderful miss robin who came and took all the photos for me.
my apologizes for the photo overload...

the cake. nothing fancy. and apparently when you order a marble smash cake, they substitute yellow. whatever that is...

the mandatory balloons. ben LOVES balloons. aka 'loon.

a quick shot of the inside...

told ya he loves balloons. he carried one around with him for most of the day. that's how we always knew where he was!

with daddy. love ben's face!

mommy kinda sorta snapped the band of his hat on his chin. made for a not happy ben!

some cake shots.
not so sure at first and then you'll see he had no problems tearing into it!

opening presents.

chilling with cousin megan.
oh and his new thing is to stick his finger in his nose... lovely. and check out that crazy hair. gotta love frosting gel. ;-)

with gigi.

with jer bear.

with my fam.

i'm tired.

and a random shot. my godmother pointed it out. the placement wasn't planned. but super cute! love the bits of chaos behind it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed Ben's party, looks like it was a good time. We were listening to "the" game on the way home from Wisc, Boiler Up! We ARE truly Kramer fans.

Happy Birthday Ben! Love Auntie

Alison said...

Love the cake pics : )). Happy Birthday Ben !!! ( Time flies !).

Carrie said...


Kache said...

He really does like cake!
Happy 1st bday Ben
Really like his 1st shirt :)