we made it.

through the weekend.
no bottles!
he's only fussed a few times. and has gone to bed rather smoothly.  surprising since we haven't stuck to much of a routine this weekend... 
hoping he isn't too terrible at daycare tomorrow.  fingers crossed.
and we've officially packed up the bottles! only sippy cups for us. think we scared grammy with that one! she asked about bottles when she babysat this evening. told her he hadn't had one since friday. i think i saw her eyes bulge out of her head a bit. ;o) but they made it!

tried to take the 12 month pictures today. not sure i got anything decent. will try again and share that post someday! am really kinda relieved that this project is over. thinking i will do monthly-ish updates with a photo from that month. did i already post that here? if so, sorry. i'm babbling...

have been working away on my projects. feels so good to clean. to purge. thinking that i'm on track to finish by may! hoping, hoping, hoping.

and a ben pic.
playing with gigi's christmas gift.
his facial expression cracks me up!!

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Kache said...

classic expression