to do list.

would love to have this list done by may 1. but i will also be pleased if it is completed by june 1.
gosh, i'm such a procrastinator i even extend my own self imposed deadlines.
hoping if i write them down {even if it is in cyberspace} i will be more likely to complete them all!

- clean and organize spare bedroom. this includes the closet!
- fold and pack away all of ben's outgrown clothes. {halfway done!}
- go through our closet and donate to goodwill.
- clean out garage. {this is nick's!}
- organize recipes/cookbooks.
- reorganize and purge scrapbook room.

considering the craziness of the next month, this might be kind of ambitious. i think i can. i think i can....

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Kache said...

Hey those last two are on my list too :)

Love the Ben picture from yesterday