squidward boots.

apparently, it's a shoe theme around here... was waiting for a snow storm to blog about these...

so last year for my birthday i told nick i wanted new winter boots. i researched and found a pair of uggs that i really liked. shopped around and found a pretty good deal online. {disclaimer: the linked site is NOT where i purchased my boots. just saying.} placed my order and waited.

i didn't get the boots until right before ben was born. you see, they came from china! yes, china. i have no clue why. i didn't pay attention when i was ordering. and i have no clue why it took almost a month for delivery but whatever. i was just excited they were here. i pulled out one shoe, tried it on and put it back in the box and into the closet. figured since it was march, i would more than likely have to wait a while to wear them.

now winter rolls around this year and i pull out the boots. super excited to wear them. and what do i find... two left shoes. no shit. i'm a perfect example of why you should check the box or try on both shoes!  nick is giving me a hard time! can you blame him? and i'm a bit upset. trying to remember where i ordered them from. i mean, 9 months later and i'm going to ask for an exchange. and i know i'm going to have to wait since it took so long for them to arrive in the first place. shit. shit. shit.

i find the order info and send them an email. they are fine with exchanging but i'm going to have to pay additional shipping. bye bye super bargain from the internet... fine. i'll mail them the 'one left shoes' that they are requesting. i send nick to the post office to mail my boot. the company i ordered from asks for shipping confirmation. um, to china. not sure how that works. so i make nick go through all the trouble. i know, i have a great guy. apparently, it has to go under lock and key. like a bond or some government documents. say what?! for a shoe. whatever. we do it. i just want my shoe!!

the boot is sent out right before thanksgiving. so two weeks later, i email the man to find out where the heck my replacement boot is. they haven't received it blah, blah, blah. so i wait. and wait. then email again. he finally tells me i need to contact my post office because he doesn't have it. well, we have delivery confirmation. we better for 30 something bucks! and it says 'received in china.' so i kindly reply to the company that my shoe did arrive in china. that the usps no longer tracks once it's delivered. that it's china's problem now. he's a no go. keeps telling me that i need to contact my usps. finally, over one month later i get an email from the guy saying my 'left shoes' has arrived. thank you jeebus! however, there is a problem. the shoe was last season, so they are just going to ship me a whole new pair. fabulous. but why couldn't we have figured this out earlier? and who the hell has two right boots to match my two left boots??

and the guy i've been dealing with tells me i can 'drop' the other shoe now. i'm thinking this means i can throw it away. oy. so now my good deal on uggs turned out to cost me almost retail. sigh. at least it's all straightened out and i have a pair of good winter boots.  which nick now lovingly refers to as my squidward boots!!

they are super fantastic. yes, i said super fantastic. they are that awesome. way more comfy that my other uggs. and the boots are flexible. i can actually bend my ankle! clomping around in my columbias was not fun and that was the main reason i wanted new boots. i mean, it is kinda hard to drive and use pedals with your foot constantly flexed! i love em. makes me happy that it's snowing and i am not a fan of snow!!

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Monica said...

funny story! I need a good pair of boots too but I'm in denial. ;p