12 on the 13th?

i forgot. i suck.
so here they are a little late.

- my addiction to pop cupcakes is out of control. made strawberry crush with white cake and mountain dew with yellow cake. strawberry burnt a bit... not sure why. still yummy though!
- i think i like the winter olympics better than the summer ones. however, in general i prefer summer over winter!
- 31 feels no different than 30.
- went to the library for the first time since ben was born!!
- yay for getting our taxes done and out of the way.
- thinks all these changes to facebook are ridiculous.
- really needs to get crackin on the invites for ben's first birthday party.
- is excited for reconnecting with some old friends. had lunch yesterday with someone i haven't really spoken with since before high school ended. was nice. ;o)
- really wants to purge. what... the scrapbook room! it's out of control!
- put ben in his big boy carseat for the first time today. i think he likes it.
- is not looking forward to volleyball tomorrow. it's so hard after being off a week.
- thinks the gift certificate i have from stampin up is dangerous. trying to not spend too much more!

for good measure.
- cannot believe there was an article about the hourly rate of couponing... what?!

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Kache said...

Facebook changes are stupid
Glad 31 isn't beating you down yet. :)
that coupon article is funny