i'm drooling.

just a little.
cannot wait to try this: butter chicken.
hopefully, our schedule cooperates and i can make this next week
maybe in honor of the olympics i should pick some random ethnic foods and make those for the next two weeks.  hmm....

carrie, you'll have to let me know if you had any really good recipes at your olympics party! ;o)


Carrie said...

This did sound good when I saw it on the PW website!

The following countries were represented last night:
Sweden - Swedish meatballs, Swedish fish, and Absolut Citron (product of Sweden)
Canada - Canadian bacon rubens
Germany - homemade pretzels and German chocolate cake
China - eggrolls and fortune cookies
Russia - Honey mousse and some really good cookies called Russian balls
Austria - an authentic Austrian cake recipe, soaked in rum (they left the rum out of the frosting)
Denmark - a yummy danish
Italy - homemade mozzarella sticks and Peroni
Mexico - tortilla wrapups and Modelo

Carrie said...

and How could I forget the USA with sliders?!?!