mommy got

a new pair of shoes!

been debating the 'work-out' shoes for quite some time. my boss has had a pair for over a year.
i finally caved and bought some this weekend. i mean i walk all day long. seriously on a busy day at least 6 hours.

was so strange to wear them at first but by the end of the day i forgot i was wearing them. thinking i might check out the reebok ones when the outlet mall receives another shipment...

hoping they work!! not that i think my ass or legs will look anything like the pictures but every little bit counts, right?!


Tina said...

What brand are your shoes? My friend, Sue, has a pair of Skechers that, I guess, tone her muscles as she walks. When we went to lunch, she said her new shoes made her ass hurt!

Liz said...

I saw a commercial for these the other day... it's very tempting (like you said, every bit helps) but I'm worried it will make my feet/ankles hurt (mine hurt without the extra 'workout'). I have to wear prescription insoles, and I don't know if I could use them in those shoes. Let us know what you think!

margaret said...

I have the sketchers shape ups. They take a little while to get used to. Like you need to pick up your foot more than you are used to. When I just wear them on a normal day, I don't really "feel" anything. They are comfortable and cooshy though. When I really go for a walk in them (a couple miles) I totally feel it. I get tired faster and the next day my butt really hurts too.

Oh, I also think they run about a 1/2 size small.