random olympic thoughts.

- ski cross is my new favorite. those people are crazy!
- short track speed skating is nuts.
- meryl davis looks like belle from beauty and the beast. {google them both. i dare ya!}
- is currently watching woman's skiiing. that fog is insane.
- i love scott hamilton. his commentary after the canadian skater finished was so touching.
- shaun white will always be the flying tomato. however, i do agree that the animal is a very fitting nickname as well.
- i have a crush. ;o)
-thinks evgeni plushenko is a cry baby.
- i'm sure there are many, many more. i am brain dead from trying to watch all of the olympics on our dvr. so secretly i'm ready for them to be over! i need some sleep!


Carrie said...

I'm not dvr'ing the games, but watching them live. It's catching up on the other shows that's killing. Selfishly, I too am looking forward to things going back to normal. THey sure have been fun to watch!! And I'm right there with you your crush ;)

psucolleen said...

i thought the same exact thing about Meryl Davis and Plushenko.