a dog-erang?

so guinness left. and now he's back. he hadn't been gone more than an hour-ish, and the guy called. bringing him back. apparently, he went to give guinnea a treat and he growled at him. so much for him being willing to work with him. maybe he didn't take us seriously. who knows.
so now he's here. helluva evening. i cannot handle this stress. we have our feelers out again. gonna take him to canine university in the meantime.... not sure what it'll do, but why not. we've tried everything, why stop now. and maybe we are his only hope, who the heck knows.

on the lemon bean news... have an appointment tomorrow. lots of questions to ask about lamaze, baby classes, and all that fun stuff. and my cleaning lady moved my pee cup! i thought i was going crazy. could NOT find it anywhere. stole something that might be an okay substitute from work... then i found it. man, i was totally blaming pregnancy brain!


a lemon.

that's the size of the baby bean this week. guess it's not a bean anymore, huh? but baby lemon just doesn't have the same ring!
towards the end of this week, i was napping less and feeling more oomph. hoping this keeps up and i feel like a human again... soon.
the appetite is so hit or miss. i'm either starving or nothing on the planet sounds remotely satisfying.
scrapped for the first time in ages. with a major time crunch. and got some stuff done! yay. hoping the return of energy = return of mojo.
made some terrrible recipes in the crock pot this week. won't bother sharing those artocities.
gonna start ripping up carpet soon. the remodel should hopefully be fast approaching. but all this means hemorrhaging money left and right too. the cutie pie hubs has contacted his old employer{cvs} and walgreens about picking up crazy shifts. wants to pay this stuff off now, and not be forced to work when the baby bean is here. makes sense. love that he is taking the initiative to provide for us. sigh, he's so cute. i've also tried to cancel subs to some of this scrap kits. haven't heard a response from either place. bit frustrating. i told them i would finish out however many months, just wanted to know where i stood, blah, blah, blah. nothing. funny, because i'm pretty sure if it was to sign up, i would have heard from them instantly. oh well, if it takes a while, there's always willowtraders for me to sell them on!

have news on the guinness front. sad but exciting. the guy from our training place couldn't find anyone, so we've been letting people know we're trying to give him away. my boss swears she wouldn't let me put him down and would take him, but i don't want to count on her. so we've been asking. were even going to put up signs at the dog training place and petsmart and the humane society.
today nick takes him on a walk and comes home to our lawn people doing their thing, and this young guy is like, 'that's a beautiful dog.' so nick asked if he wanted him. free of course, with all his belongings. the guy probably thought we were crazy. we told him all of his issues and he said he would go home and think it over. he has just moved out and had a two year old lab, but his mom kept the lab and he was really looking for a dog. fast forward a few hours later, it's the guy on the phone saying he'll take him on monday. eek, sooo fast. but maybe it's meant to be. it's not someone taking him because they have to or we'll put him to sleep. nick had a long talk with him, he's such a cute overprotected, worried dad! so like i said, i'm sad to see him go but think this is really a good thing. hoping i don't cry like a blubbering idiot until after he takes him on monday. it's going to be soooo weird without him. less smelling like dog. ;0) but so quiet. and i know that silence with be replaced with all kinds of other sounds in just a few short months... but i'm gonna miss my guinnea pig....


today's craving.

stupid pizza hut and their yummy, yummy breadsticks.
yesterday my coworker shared one with me. it's been all i can think about since. convinced nick to have pizza hut for dinner with me tonight. he was like, 'seriously? pizza hut?' erm, yeah. i'm weird. i cannot explain it but the thought of breadsticks and sauce just made me happy. ;o)

in other news, the tv is fixed. nick changed the setting of the bulb. now it should last 6,000 hours. not 2,000 hours.

and today someone who came to the office asked me if i was getting fatter. he's related to nick's doctor that is pregnant, so i was thinking she told him and he was just being silly. he swears he didn't know. my response was no, haven't i just wanted to be like your family member. he said, 'not you too!' hilarious. i guess this killer hunger that has consumed me the past two days is showing... i gained 4 pounds in the first trimester. hope my check up next week shows i've gained a wee bit more. nothing crazy or i'm gonna be sad!

nick got a new game for wii. wario land: shake it. it's like an old nintendo flashback super mario game. i'm hoping we enjoy it. looks cute so far. also ordered buzz for the ps3. i'm so gonna beat nick at that game. cannot wait. ;o)



nick and i aren't big tv watchers but lately, we've been watching more. so what happens tonight as we're watching our first ever episode of dancing with the stars? the darn bulb goes out in the tv. last time this happened, was around superbowl time. i'm to lazy to go back and find out the exact dates but dude, we don't watch that much tv! i don't think it's been three years. sigh.
i hope we can get it fixed soon! football sundays, greys, kim and kath, fringe... i think that's it. nick's video games. movies.
and it's not like it's our only tv. it's just the biggest one! ;o) and in the family room and the one without tivo. not that big of a deal, but we have the cheap tivo and can only record one thing at once. we're in the process of getting a high def recorder from directv but that's gonna take a few weeks...
k. whining over...
off to watch the rest of dwts with my magnifying glass. ;oP
have to say i'm not that impressed. fun to watch but not sure we'll keep it up.


looking back at week 13 and some sad stuff.

so i swear, i really do mean to post more than weekly. must add to weekly to do list. ha. it's good if i get dinner done and manage to fold some laundry. it's so sad how we're living out of laundry baskets!
the sad stuff first... we're getting rid of guinness. not sure how. if we can find someone to take him that would be awesome. if not. we're in a bit of a pickle. the humane society doesn't like aggressive dogs. and we can't lie and say he isn't and have something happen. ack. hoping it works itself out. we just can't have him and his unstableness around the kidlet. if it were just nick and i then we would manage, but we can't think that way any more. it's so sad. we cry almost every time we discuss it. i tell nick this means we do care and we are taking it seriously. he's sad. nick keeps commenting on how different our life will be without him. i keep reminding him our life is going to be so different for other reasons in just a few monhts. ;o)
might have something though this trainer we've been seeing as of late. fingers and toes crossed it works...
now on to the pregnancy stuff.
still having nausea in waves. naps are rare but i'm still way tired. noticed that i was getting a cold friday. hoping it was a fluke. woke up yesterday and not so much. sucked it up as we went out furniture looking for the baby bean. oy. decisions. oy. expenses! any tips on furniture that is needed/not needed, what you liked/didn't like is always welcome.
came home and tried to nap after having little snack. were supposed to meet nick's dad and girflriend for dinner. i think the phlegm that dripped all day into my stomach did not like the sound of outback. after clogging the sink, we stayed home. yeah, tmi. sorry. took a picture of me at 14 weeks. it's official as of today... i look drugged. this stinking cold. might have to try again later. or blur out my head...
watched a few movies this weekend.
baby mama. cute. probably would have liked it better if i wasn't so darn sick and i could laugh!
what happens in vegas. hilarious. loved it. nick did too.
what else. made some serious crock pot recipes this week.
reubens. yummy. i'm sure there are easier ways, but i love having everything ready whenever we get home. oh, the sauerkraut did stink up the house a bit.
mediterranean pot roast. tasty. had it plain. would probably be great on a bun with some feta cheese. sigh, i can't wait to have feta and bleu cheese again...
chunky chicken chili. great chicken chili. really hit the spot! a bit spicy but so good.
have a few more in line this week. will share if they're good. and if you have any favs, please feel free to share with me. ;o)


9 miles...

in one hour.
traffic because of the flooding is horrific. 80-94 is closed. it's a huge, huge road for the area. and it's impassable due to flooding. lots of north/south roads are closed too. we have like 3 alternatives. so all 372623 people are on three roads. makes for not nice driving. would be okay but some of the sneak attack side streets are flooded, so there really are no other ways. and then the fact that they are closing alternate routes because of the sheer amount of cars and traffic. yeah, close them and jam us on fewer roads. oy.
not sure when it's gonna stop. hasn't really receeded much in the two days since it's stopped raining. if you wanna see a picture. go to this website. scroll down a bit to where it says 80/94 borman express way. and there should be a little window that says kennedy. click there and viola. lots of agua.
thankful that i only have to deal with traffic and not the loss of my home or belongings. so i'm complaining... but not. ;o)
what did i do on my hour long car drive? took pictures with my trusty lil point and shoot. will have to upload some pics tonight... if i still have energy after the drive home. ha!


week in review. #12. and floods.

oy. i thought this nausea stuff was supposed to stop?! the fatigue is diminishing, yay! but the nausea... other plans i guess. now it's not just that green feeling, it's occassional gags. fun. mostly in the morning, which is good, or i would have a full stomach and probably do a lot more than heave. but today at work, {i'm cheating to wk 13}, i required an emergency stop in the bathroom for my first mid day emesis. sigh.
i guess it could be way, way worse. so, i'll try to stop complaining. ;o)
otherwise, doing okay. still fitting into my clothes. have a bit of a bulge. think i look more bloated than pregnant. have to take pictures... soon.
have no real food aversions. no major cravings to report this week either. however, i'm prefering potato chips over my usual breakfast of wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter and bananas.
were a little side tracked by some major, major flooding in my area. thankfully, we are okay. missed a lot of it. i have NEVER seen anything like this. roads are closed everywhere. parking lots are flooded. homes gone. they evacuated a nursing home just blocks away from my work and a local clinic is submerged in water. crazy.
had the flooring people out for a quote on getting more hardwood downstairs. even had the handy man come out to quote building a wall for us. hoping things will be quick and relatively painless. fingers crossed.


12 weeks.

today. ;o)
thought i should share my mia-ness with the blogworld.
nick and i found out we were expecting july 24. i wasn't expecting it so soon after stopping the pill. was a bit in denial when i was late, just chalked it up to the irregularity i had prior to the pill. nope, when i was unable to keep my eyes open after getting home from work, i thought something could be up!
decided it was time for a pregnancy test. wasn't sure how i was gonna tell nick. i didn't want to over excite him if i wasn't pregnant.
so he was washing dishes and i was standing behind him and kinda sorta mentioned that i might need to take a pregnancy test. i saw his reflection and the giant grin that spread across his face. told him to stop it. wasn't allowed until we had the results!
picked up the test and waited til i had to pee... didn't take long! nick took the dog out and i christened the stick. was thinking i had three minutes to collect myself but no. before i could even get the soap on my hands, the darn thing read pregnant! i freaked out. nick of course, was uber excited.
told my boss the next day. otherwise, the plan was for this to be top secret. called my ob/gyn whom i haven't been to pleased with but thought i was only going yearly so i would suck it up. well, not so much.
they weren't going to see me for weeks. i didn't necessarily want to see the doc. just to pee in a cup and get confirmation that the stick was correct. was in a bit of a quandry. so i decided to choose a new ob/gyn. was uber leery of one because of his affiliation with a local clinic. nick kindly reminded me that one of my doctors used to work at said clinic and i loved him. it has nothing to do with the politics of a clinic but the doctor. and three of his staff members highly recommended him. so i called on a friday. they told me i could pee in the cup on monday!! monday came and i was freaked. the office was super friendly. made me way more at ease. we all know the results... positive. time for a freak out again!
scheduled my appointment to see him the following thursday. came home with nick and jason followed us into the driveway. nick was dying to tell him. however, chris wasn't with him and i was in freak out mode. so no sharing. much to nick's disappointment.
friday morning my office threw a happy new greandparent's party for two of our doctor's. their daughter was pregnant with their first grandchild. i could not concentrate. woke up with some spotting. freaked me out. again, the word freaked. going to be my recurring theme for this pregnancy. i mean i was still not able to wrap my mind around this pregnancy thing but no way was i wanting to not be pregnant.
was sent home from work and sent to the doctor's office. the orders: bedrest. oy. ultrasound the following monday. i mean, i'm lazy, but bedrest is not my cup of tea. nor is being home thinking about what the spotting could possibly mean. especially, not me. the consumate worrier. nick was great. super supportive. had to tell his coworker. who was also super great. she called me immediately. used to be a labor and delivery nurse. had quite a few pregnancies of her own, not without complications. glad she called. made me feel better while we were talking. the the freak out resumed when we hung up!
the weekend would not be a lazy one for us. our nephew turned one. no way we could miss that party. and the fam has been hounding us for ages about a baby. so it was inevitable that the questions would be everywhere. i point blank lied. didn't want to take the attention away from the birthday boy nor did i want to share if i would just have to explain whatever happened especially if it was not good.
made it through the weekend. onto the first ultrasound. transvag, not fun. it was a long car ride and i couldn't make it home!! but i'm getting ahead of myself. the tech wouldn't tell us anything. surprise, surprise. she did let nick come in and see the little bean.
great pictures, eh? ;o)
after the ultrasound i decided to share with my coworkers. they deserved to know why i was ditching them. they were great. and i had to stop there because my bladder wouldn't have allowed me to make it home.
went out with nick's dad and his girflriend tuesday. shared the news. michelle, was hilarious. called dibs on shower games. you have to know her to understand!
found out thursday that i have a subchorionic hemorrhage. fun stuffs. since i had been spot free for 48 hours, i was free to go back to work. yay!
told nick's mom about the pregnancy friday. went with her to see dark night. she squealed. have it on flip. explained all the not so fun stuff. how it was top secret but thought we should share with immediately family.
saturday we shared with jay and chris. jay said he knew. nick was being 'funny' about getting together. had told chris ahead of time that he thought i was pregnant.
sunday we celebrated my mom's 60th. signed the card... nick, shan, and grandbaby to be. she was SHOCKED. it was great. then preceeded to share the deets. my grandma was here too, so she found out and was sworn to secrecy. my dad was his reserved self. my brother was the same way...
monday was work. wah and yay at the same time! i was living on ginger ale and saltines. and being super duper blechy.
work went well. i was exhausted by the time i got home. would sleep for a few hours, the nick would wake me up to eat, and then i would go back to bed. he would watch the olympics while i slept and once they were over, would wake me again and make me go to bed. where i slept until morning. was insane how tired i was. and the nausea would come and go. wasn't sure if it was related to those prenatal vitamins or what. heard rumors that i need to take a b6 supplement. you think i would have ran out and picked those suckers up. nope, i procrastinated. which is what i do!
i believe the next few weeks were uneventful. shared the news with a few more individuals. who were sworn to secrecy. had a repeat ultrasound schedule for the 21st. (my lil bro's birthday) really hoping nothing would be wrong. how could i share on that day? thankfully, we didn't get too much info. left work early. my coworkers got a kick out of watching me drink 8 million bottles of water for the prep. not fun. grateful that this one was scheduled just minutes from my house. the tech was wonderful. let nick come in after the hard part and shared with him live images. he was sooo cute. still feeling like a bad mom since he's more excited than i am....
amazing how much the little bean changed in two weeks, isn't it?!
went to dinner with the family, shared with my aunt and my bro's friend. my dad was excited because he was the one to share with my aunt. then proceeded to ask when he could touch my belly. ha. dude, maybe where there's a bulge there that's baby, not fat. ;oD
convinced nick i needed to head to victoria's secret. the girls are just not containable. the lady measured me and i made her do it again. no way the girls were what she said. yup. the girls are out of control. 34c to 34dd. what?! this pace cannot keep up the next few months. no way.
still exhausted and sleeping constantly. nick comments about he thought pregnant people were supposed to be bitchy and moody. um, hello. maybe if i was awake and able to have conversations with you, i would be a moody bitch!
had some spotting the friday/saturday before labor day. didn't call the doctor like the bad nurse i am. told nick. we agreed on bedrest and let's wait and see. the spotting is strange. not real spotting. just a tinge with wiping. if it's tmi, i apologize. i suck at journaling. my girlfriend gave me a book. i haven't kept up. this thing called fatigue is kicking my ass. so i'm hoping i can track a lot on here...
told my coworkers. felt i had to since i was the boss this week. if something happened they needed to have advance warning. nothing since saturday. which was good. spent the weekend in michigan with nick's dad, her girlfriend, her daughter, and her friend. was a nervous nelly. didn't share with them. don't think i could handle the constant asking or curious glances. so i lounged while nick and guinness were active. had a great time. played lots of games. fun stuff.
came home and slept. woke up to nick watching sponge bob? what?! he has had it on every night since then. sigh.
had my follow up at the ob on thursday. met his nurse practictioner. love her. was super reassuring about the spotting. said the hemorrhage is like a bruise. might have that for some time since my body will try to get rid of it/absorb it. made me promise not to worry. yelled at me for not sharing with everyone! heard the heartbeat. nick again was super excited. me = freaked again!! was told everything on the ultrasound looked good. the hemorrhage was shrinking. baby was good sized. heartbeat 170. no more abnormal visits. get to see them in one month. next ultrasound would be when normal people have their first... at twenty weeks.
felt super sick at work on friday. just tired and nauseated. not fun. really ready to come home and sleep. which i did. oh and i have switched to taking my vitamins at night and added a b6. made me feel tons better.
ran some errands yesterday. decided that nick to be as freaked out as i am. so i took him to babies r us! ha. it was hilarious. his comment was something along the lines of, 'i didn't realize there was all this stuff.' yeah, welcome to freakout land dude. so we picked up some books. the baby gizmo buying guide is currently our favorite.
spent yesterday with nick's mom side of the family. shared the news with them. well, his mom did. it was funny. she didn't mean to. walked in on a conversation about how her grandson calls her gigi and that our kid would have to call her that too, so she assumed they knew. it was cute.
hung out and played games. had a nice dinner. good times.
now we're enjoying football!!! woohoo. so excited for regular season. hoping those bears can do better this season. fingers crossed for kyle orton. go purdue. didn't realize when nick signed up for a volleyball league that it was sunday nights. well, he told me but it didn't click that we would miss football. that's how braindead i've been. looking forward to the colts/bears game tonight. can't wait to see the new stadium. nick's aunt and uncle are going to be at the game. so jealous. hope they have a great time.
k. i think that's plenty for longest post every. if you made it this far... thanks. you should win a prize. maybe one of these days i'll actually finish posting vacation stuff.
oh and if you have any tips/hints/suggestions for bringing up baby, bring em on! ;o)
oh and if you are curious as to if we're going to find out what the bean is... nope. it's gonna be a surprise. so unisex room ideas are welcome too.