a lemon.

that's the size of the baby bean this week. guess it's not a bean anymore, huh? but baby lemon just doesn't have the same ring!
towards the end of this week, i was napping less and feeling more oomph. hoping this keeps up and i feel like a human again... soon.
the appetite is so hit or miss. i'm either starving or nothing on the planet sounds remotely satisfying.
scrapped for the first time in ages. with a major time crunch. and got some stuff done! yay. hoping the return of energy = return of mojo.
made some terrrible recipes in the crock pot this week. won't bother sharing those artocities.
gonna start ripping up carpet soon. the remodel should hopefully be fast approaching. but all this means hemorrhaging money left and right too. the cutie pie hubs has contacted his old employer{cvs} and walgreens about picking up crazy shifts. wants to pay this stuff off now, and not be forced to work when the baby bean is here. makes sense. love that he is taking the initiative to provide for us. sigh, he's so cute. i've also tried to cancel subs to some of this scrap kits. haven't heard a response from either place. bit frustrating. i told them i would finish out however many months, just wanted to know where i stood, blah, blah, blah. nothing. funny, because i'm pretty sure if it was to sign up, i would have heard from them instantly. oh well, if it takes a while, there's always willowtraders for me to sell them on!

have news on the guinness front. sad but exciting. the guy from our training place couldn't find anyone, so we've been letting people know we're trying to give him away. my boss swears she wouldn't let me put him down and would take him, but i don't want to count on her. so we've been asking. were even going to put up signs at the dog training place and petsmart and the humane society.
today nick takes him on a walk and comes home to our lawn people doing their thing, and this young guy is like, 'that's a beautiful dog.' so nick asked if he wanted him. free of course, with all his belongings. the guy probably thought we were crazy. we told him all of his issues and he said he would go home and think it over. he has just moved out and had a two year old lab, but his mom kept the lab and he was really looking for a dog. fast forward a few hours later, it's the guy on the phone saying he'll take him on monday. eek, sooo fast. but maybe it's meant to be. it's not someone taking him because they have to or we'll put him to sleep. nick had a long talk with him, he's such a cute overprotected, worried dad! so like i said, i'm sad to see him go but think this is really a good thing. hoping i don't cry like a blubbering idiot until after he takes him on monday. it's going to be soooo weird without him. less smelling like dog. ;0) but so quiet. and i know that silence with be replaced with all kinds of other sounds in just a few short months... but i'm gonna miss my guinnea pig....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you a found a good home for guiness. Baby bean's growing up so fast!

Looking forward to that first belly shot ;)

Yeah to being less tired and a bit more of an appetite.


Monica said...

glad to hear you're feeling better and glad I'm not the only one who that finds a bad recipe for the crockpot every now and then. sorry about guiness but it'll be good to know he's with someone who wants him.

Liz said...

Sorry to hear you're giving up Guiness, but it sounds like a great home for him, and you're making the right choice (even if it's a hard one...). Glad you've got a bit more energy and some mojo! Hope that keeps coming too!