today's craving.

stupid pizza hut and their yummy, yummy breadsticks.
yesterday my coworker shared one with me. it's been all i can think about since. convinced nick to have pizza hut for dinner with me tonight. he was like, 'seriously? pizza hut?' erm, yeah. i'm weird. i cannot explain it but the thought of breadsticks and sauce just made me happy. ;o)

in other news, the tv is fixed. nick changed the setting of the bulb. now it should last 6,000 hours. not 2,000 hours.

and today someone who came to the office asked me if i was getting fatter. he's related to nick's doctor that is pregnant, so i was thinking she told him and he was just being silly. he swears he didn't know. my response was no, haven't i just wanted to be like your family member. he said, 'not you too!' hilarious. i guess this killer hunger that has consumed me the past two days is showing... i gained 4 pounds in the first trimester. hope my check up next week shows i've gained a wee bit more. nothing crazy or i'm gonna be sad!

nick got a new game for wii. wario land: shake it. it's like an old nintendo flashback super mario game. i'm hoping we enjoy it. looks cute so far. also ordered buzz for the ps3. i'm so gonna beat nick at that game. cannot wait. ;o)

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Brandy said...

you and eva longoria, just getting fat... lemme know how wario goes so i can join in. and boo on missing dwts, don't wanna miss out on kim's ghetto booty!