week in review. #12. and floods.

oy. i thought this nausea stuff was supposed to stop?! the fatigue is diminishing, yay! but the nausea... other plans i guess. now it's not just that green feeling, it's occassional gags. fun. mostly in the morning, which is good, or i would have a full stomach and probably do a lot more than heave. but today at work, {i'm cheating to wk 13}, i required an emergency stop in the bathroom for my first mid day emesis. sigh.
i guess it could be way, way worse. so, i'll try to stop complaining. ;o)
otherwise, doing okay. still fitting into my clothes. have a bit of a bulge. think i look more bloated than pregnant. have to take pictures... soon.
have no real food aversions. no major cravings to report this week either. however, i'm prefering potato chips over my usual breakfast of wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter and bananas.
were a little side tracked by some major, major flooding in my area. thankfully, we are okay. missed a lot of it. i have NEVER seen anything like this. roads are closed everywhere. parking lots are flooded. homes gone. they evacuated a nursing home just blocks away from my work and a local clinic is submerged in water. crazy.
had the flooring people out for a quote on getting more hardwood downstairs. even had the handy man come out to quote building a wall for us. hoping things will be quick and relatively painless. fingers crossed.


Brandy said...

HOLY CRAP I MISSED THIS!!!! congrats, congrats!!! that rocks!!

and btw, i ordered the photo name thing and it is amazing looking. your kids' name will look great and you can even go 10 letters =)

Liz said...

glad to hear that you're okay with all the flooding going on... but sorry to hear the nausea persists. I hope that clears up for you soon!

psucolleen said...

I've been thinking a lot about you & all that flooding. Glad to know you're a-okay.

And yay for the exhaustion going away. Let's hope the nausea exits soon now too! hang in there!

amy said...

I wish blogging had existed when I was pregnant- great way to record every moment of it! TFS yours!

Your pregnancy is sounding alot like mine- I felt like I had the stomach bug ALL DAY for the about 4 months- went through that "gaggy" feeling too- used to keep a baggie of spoon-size shredded wheat in my pocket- it was like as long as I was swallowing something that feeling went away.

I had some spotting early on too- very scary but when you think about what's going on in there- totally makes sense!

I would come home from work and sit on the sofa at 5:00- next thing I knew- it was 7:00 and Geo. had taken my shoes off and covered me up and I had been sound asleep sitting up!

It will get better soon- no doubt- you'll love the next part!

And as for the potato chip thing- eat them with some lemonade- worked for my SIL with her nausea!-
Amy (ahula)