9 miles...

in one hour.
traffic because of the flooding is horrific. 80-94 is closed. it's a huge, huge road for the area. and it's impassable due to flooding. lots of north/south roads are closed too. we have like 3 alternatives. so all 372623 people are on three roads. makes for not nice driving. would be okay but some of the sneak attack side streets are flooded, so there really are no other ways. and then the fact that they are closing alternate routes because of the sheer amount of cars and traffic. yeah, close them and jam us on fewer roads. oy.
not sure when it's gonna stop. hasn't really receeded much in the two days since it's stopped raining. if you wanna see a picture. go to this website. scroll down a bit to where it says 80/94 borman express way. and there should be a little window that says kennedy. click there and viola. lots of agua.
thankful that i only have to deal with traffic and not the loss of my home or belongings. so i'm complaining... but not. ;o)
what did i do on my hour long car drive? took pictures with my trusty lil point and shoot. will have to upload some pics tonight... if i still have energy after the drive home. ha!


psucolleen said...

UGH!!! This is why I always have a magazine or two in my car with me at all times... I just never know when I'll get stuck in traffic! Took me 2 hours to get to work yesterday (should only take about 35 minutes) due to a 6-car accident. But you're dealing with much more devastating causes than I am. I sure hope it starts receeding soon.

Anonymous said...

Feel your pain with the flooded roads, we had that for the month of June.


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry for the time spent in the car, I'm glad you guys are ok though.