looking back at week 13 and some sad stuff.

so i swear, i really do mean to post more than weekly. must add to weekly to do list. ha. it's good if i get dinner done and manage to fold some laundry. it's so sad how we're living out of laundry baskets!
the sad stuff first... we're getting rid of guinness. not sure how. if we can find someone to take him that would be awesome. if not. we're in a bit of a pickle. the humane society doesn't like aggressive dogs. and we can't lie and say he isn't and have something happen. ack. hoping it works itself out. we just can't have him and his unstableness around the kidlet. if it were just nick and i then we would manage, but we can't think that way any more. it's so sad. we cry almost every time we discuss it. i tell nick this means we do care and we are taking it seriously. he's sad. nick keeps commenting on how different our life will be without him. i keep reminding him our life is going to be so different for other reasons in just a few monhts. ;o)
might have something though this trainer we've been seeing as of late. fingers and toes crossed it works...
now on to the pregnancy stuff.
still having nausea in waves. naps are rare but i'm still way tired. noticed that i was getting a cold friday. hoping it was a fluke. woke up yesterday and not so much. sucked it up as we went out furniture looking for the baby bean. oy. decisions. oy. expenses! any tips on furniture that is needed/not needed, what you liked/didn't like is always welcome.
came home and tried to nap after having little snack. were supposed to meet nick's dad and girflriend for dinner. i think the phlegm that dripped all day into my stomach did not like the sound of outback. after clogging the sink, we stayed home. yeah, tmi. sorry. took a picture of me at 14 weeks. it's official as of today... i look drugged. this stinking cold. might have to try again later. or blur out my head...
watched a few movies this weekend.
baby mama. cute. probably would have liked it better if i wasn't so darn sick and i could laugh!
what happens in vegas. hilarious. loved it. nick did too.
what else. made some serious crock pot recipes this week.
reubens. yummy. i'm sure there are easier ways, but i love having everything ready whenever we get home. oh, the sauerkraut did stink up the house a bit.
mediterranean pot roast. tasty. had it plain. would probably be great on a bun with some feta cheese. sigh, i can't wait to have feta and bleu cheese again...
chunky chicken chili. great chicken chili. really hit the spot! a bit spicy but so good.
have a few more in line this week. will share if they're good. and if you have any favs, please feel free to share with me. ;o)


KJ said...

Heartbreaking news about Guiness! I hope the new trainer works something out.

Bummer about the nausea. I feel your pain, girl. Unfortch, I have no tips as it affected me BAD. {{{HUGS}}} It's all worth it in the end!

Ok, writing down a grocery list and trying each of those crock pot recipes!! They sound scrumptious!

psucolleen said...

grown up decisions can tear our hearts but you've done it for all the right reasons. I know that's little comfort when you're heart is broken about it. Sending hugs.

Hoping the nausea eases up some more soon! blech.

Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry about Guiness, but it will be for the best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Guiness, but you're doing it for the right reasons, and to just get rid of him because you're tired of having him around.

Hope the icky tummy goes away soon. And bummer about the cold.

Looking forward to pictures!