there's a croc outlet by me now. well, not really near me. a bit aways, but still! went last night. and the bonus was that nurses get a 10% discount. how fun! so i picked up two mother's day gifts. none for me... shocking, i know.
also returned one of the coach purses i bought on black friday. i just wasn't using it. so yay returns.
and if you need some info on politics. check out this site. nick and i have been studying up for tuesday.
oh and i'm feeling green. have discussed starting a recycling program at work. it's just sad all of the waste here... go me. ;o)


Carmen said...

a croc outlet? How fun! Good for you returning the purse. I still have Christmas presents in the van that need to be returned!

Kache said...

yay you on the recycling!
it's amazing how much paper we recycle at work, scary.

and laughing at the croc outlet. you'll have the best croc collection in town :)

Brandy said...

we got a croc outlet too, but i haven't been out there yet. dylan won't wear anything else, so i think i may have to make the investment in a second pair...can't believe they still took back the purse after so long though

KJ said...

OMG! You have to get some croc flops! That is so on my list of flops to get for the summer again this year!