he peed.

in my car.
that darn dog.
so he gets excited and piddles sometimes. did it a lot when he was younger. has been much, much better. maybe it's him growing up or his parents being nice enough to take him outside before company comes over. who knows.
so guinness is smitten with my lil bro. it's serious. today guinness and i are out running errands. yes, i leave my dog in the car for a few minutes unattended. i used to talk bad about people like me. now, i'm one of them and he likes it.
kevin calls and asks if i can come and pick him up to take him to get rustina, his monty carlo that they've been working on for ages. so i do. and when i get to the house, guinness goes crazy and pees in the backseat. doh!
oh and i still owe you kids the other story. i swear, his nickname could be houdini....


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Yeah Lacey use to do that, she even got so excited in petsmart once she pooped too, while running around wagging her tail.

KJ said...


Heather said...

rofl- Mags used to do that all the time, especially after we came to pick her up from vacations