the story of how guinness won himself a new tether.
so we have a system hooked up outside so guinness can run around in the yard. we don't have a fence and haven't trained him on the electric one {not sure that it would work but anywho}. well, when he gets a little excited and starts running laps in the house, we decide it's time to let him out. on his tether.
nick and i are watching sweeny todd {way good} and guinness is being a bit annoying. outside he goes. normally we can hear his id tags clanking around out there or the leash on the deck. after a few minutes of him being outside, nick jumps up and looks outside. sees that his leash is in a very strange spot and thinks... dog cannot still be attached.
sure enough. he's playing next door. next door at the neighbors who aren't very fond of big dogs. not that i would be thrilled with my little pony playing next to my little kid. but whatevs.
so we, ahem nick, tracks him down and what do we see?

yes, this is staged. had to laugh our asses off for a bit. stinker chewed through the leash. and how do we know it's been chewed through? the globs of saliva on the darn thing! note to parents, don't use cloth materials for a dog with jaws of steel.
now he has some fancy new metal/rope ones that should he ever chew through, would or should have nubs left for teeth. ;o)


Susan said...


Anonymous said...

Darn dogs!


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Love it, they are alway good for a laugh.

Kache said...

Made me laugh picturing Guinness hanging out with the neighbors. Can't wait to hear what he does with the metal leash.

Liz said...

That picture is hilarious! Here's hoping the new tether does the job... ;)

Heather said...

rofl! love the picture!

KJ said...

ROFLMBO! Guess that'll teach ya, Mom and Dad! ;) He's a smart little fella, isn't he?!