gonna be a big one...

lots going on.
saw jersey boys this weekend. awesome, awesome, awesome. think we are gonna get nick's dad tickets for father's day and go with him. maybe this time we can have non nosebleed seats. see we bought them from a friend. said friend neglected to tell us these tickets were 'limited viewing' so nick had a freaking pole in front of him. sigh. still good tho.
hit up the container store after the show. shopping spree bonanza. lots of organizing done after that visit. love a good spring cleaning.
haven't been in a scrappy mood. think it's the overwhelming pile 'o stuff in the room. must downsize or something.
made some kick ass enchiladas for cinco de mayo yesterday. muy bueno. two thumbs up for both nick and myself. super easy recipe too. if you are interested, you can get the recipe here.
voted today. told nick i wanted to be a democan or a republicrat. he said, 'you mean moderate.' eh, what does he know?! ha. but yes, i would like a combination of all the nominees/candidates please. got up early to go. were surprised to see so many peeps there. not that it was crowded, just not what i expected only 30 minutes after the polls opened.
got some nice nurse's day presents. always makes me smile to be remembered/acknowledged. ya know?
have been hella lazy. exercised once in the past two or so weeks. eek. must start again. and then when i exercise i can catch up on all my tivo'd goodness!
excited for friday. have the day off... yay! hope it stays that way. thinking i might be able to trick the dog into sleeping after nick leaves and i can stay upstairs and scrap. ;o)
think that was most of my randomness for the day. have to get ready for a maybe mini mariokart-athon. friends are stopping by and if we can contain their little one, it might be on. and did you know we can play online? brandy, if you and jason are online, let me know! and that goes for the rest of you wii-ers! ;o)


Kache said...

oohhh, day off, luckee!

hope you're able to get some fun scrapping time in. take pics of all your organizing, I like to live vicariously

KJ said...

Hey! I'm off Friday, too! I'm hoping to hit some yard sales in the am, though. Thanks for the recipe!

Brandy said...

as soon as we buy it we will figure it out and kick your bootay!!!

Anonymous said...

Just ordered Kart ourselves!! We'll need to all play together :)