a few randoms for the road...

so we don't leave until monday morning, early. but i think it's gonna be a crazy few days and wasn't sure about another update when full blown panic mode strikes!
-nick's work actually had the nerve to ask him to cancel his vacation. when did they ask? today. wtf? he of course said no. so lots of chaos for him trying to train his coverage. should come back to a big ole mess... but hopefully it will be worth it.
-haven't packed. have some lists around here: to do and to pack are the main ones.
-been working on some design team stuff for byom and rsc. by the way, the byom kit is uber fun. and i saw a sneakie preview of the next rsc issue... looks fabulous! they both make me wish i had more time right now to scrap.
-got a new toy for our travels. so excited. was a last minute, impulse buy. but i think we are going to enjoy it. needs a name still. we'll see. i still haven't named my cameras......
our new friend, the flip.
way cuter than i thought it would be and i had high expectations. hoping the video isn't too crappy! will have to purchase a 'real' camera if kidlets ever make an appearance but figured this would suffice for now.
-it is currently monsooning. hope my the fake flowers i planted this weekend hold up!
-oh, we're taking the laptop not sure about updates, but thought it would be nice to have for reference.... so maybe there will be a random post now and then.
-k. off to cross of stuff from the to do lists... be back around friday the 13th. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation, sounds like it's much needed for both of you!! Looking forward to pictures :)

I forget, does Nick work retail pharmacy or private? I do believe they would ask him to cancel, when DH worked in home health care they were constantly calling him at home on days off and he could never take time off because he didn't want to face the mess when he returned.


Heather said...

have a fabulous vacation!! can't wait to see pics and/or video!!

Brandy said...

he can stay if they pay for the vacation once he does take it. otherwise, please go jump! have fun, sounds like you both need it!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Have fun! Be glad Nick said no Jon would have said yes.

Kache said...

Well you're probably already gone, but I hope you have a fabulous time anyway!

KJ said...

OMG! the nerve to ask him not to go. Geesh.