who knew...

that our vote, so late in the game, could or would still mater.
i believe brandy posted about this topic a few months ago and my comment was that our primary so late in the game was worthless. who knew?!
not a fan of politics. causes too much turmoil amongst friends and family. am very guarded about who i will talk 'shop' with.... we don't consider ourselves republicans or democrats. will vote for who we agree with most at the time. amazing to think that this year our democratic nomination will either be a woman or african american. cool.
the fact that my vote, could affect who gets that nomination.... pretty freaking neat.


Kache said...

It's crazy I tell ya. Probably more suspenseful than the actual presidential outcome.

Ok, maybe not :)

KJ said...

I just don't feel educated enough in politics to be able to make such a huge decision! I know, I'm a wuss.

Brandy said...

what, democracy can actually still exist? awesome!