downtime. so needed it.
had a nice, relaxing weekend. spent time with family and friends. but was nothing like it's been the past few weeks. read: crazy and hectic. the only thing that would have made it better... scrapping mojo. it's completely vanished. sucks. hoping it finds its way home soon.
more fun news.
got a new camera. woohoo. the point and shoot died. we got it at costco before they changed their policy. so we got all of our money back and upgraded. totally loving it. just have to figure out how to upload the pics!
isn't it cute? fyi, we got rhythm and blues.
have a silly guinness story, has to wait until i have pics. the dog is crazy! ;o)


Kache said...

It's very cute!
You are the camera queen now.

Octavio said...

Hi, from Chile. i am learning english with your blog :D.Curious but real. I like to read your blog.

Monica said...

very cute camera!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

very cute, can't wit to hear the guinness story.